walleye fishing jigs

Walleye fishing jigs are awesome when your kids aren’t that into fishing, but they are also great for the fishing enthusiast in your life. It’s a simple way to catch walleye and your kids can be hooked on the fact that they are fishing with a fishing jig. This is a great one for kids to use as an icebreaker every now and then and is also a great way to engage your new kid in the fishing culture.

Walleye fishing jigs are one of our favorite items to use in any project to catch walleye. Not only do they look cool, but they also make it very easy to catch walleye when you just want to take a look.

Walleye fishing jigs are made of a light plastic and the fishing line is wrapped around a metal rod. The end of the fishing line is attached to a jig head which is then placed on top of a boat. The end of the fishing line is attached to a line reel and the jig head rotates as the line is pulled through the line reel. You can make the jig heads out of anything you like.

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