ultra light ice fishing rod

I’ve always been a fan of light, yet ultra light fishing. Whether it’s a light fishing rod, or a fishing rod that’s light in weight (like the ultra light ice fishing rod from the above link), the fact is that you can find a light version at the lowest priced.

The ultra light ice fishing rod is a fishing rod with a handle that is about 10 times less light weight than the rod itself. The reason why is because the handle has been hollowed out, which provides even more light. The handle is made of aluminum and steel and has a spring and locking mechanism that allows for the handle to slowly return to its original shape after a light push. The reel has a spring to give it a good grip on the ice.

The company has a Kickstarter campaign underway to fund the design and manufacture of a light fishing rod, which is $150. The rod will be available starting in January 2012.

While I don’t know if the concept of a light fishing rod is new, the reality is that the first one we’ve seen has actually been around for a while. In the video above, a guy holds up a light fishing rod and then flips the reel to slow his down. That’s pretty much the same idea that was used by my friend in his video.

The concept of light fishing rods is pretty new, but the one I saw this weekend is pretty much exactly the same design that has been around. The only difference is the color, which is red. The new design is made from a solid, white acrylic material that has been molded into a simple circle that is made to hold a rod. The rods are about as light as you can get without using a rod.

The design is very simple, but it’s pretty light, and you don’t have to wear heavy, uncomfortable gloves while you’re fishing. It’s very comfortable and easy to use. I’m sure some people that do use this rod will say it’s not for fishing, but it really is, and I’m certain my wife would love to use it too.

The design is pretty simple, but it is very pretty. Not only does it look nice, but it is very comfortable. The material feels soft and flexible, and you dont have to use a rod or gloves while youre fishing. Its very comfortable, easy to use, and looks cool.

With that said, if youre a light weight guy with ice fishing season on the way, don’t worry too much about getting stiff. Use it for bait fishing and catch a few fish.

Its easy to use; its comfortable; its easy to use; its fun. The design is simple, but its light weight, and easy to use. Im sure Im going to have lots of fun using it.

And for the price, it looks like a really good deal.

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