strong fishing pole

In my opinion, any pole will work for the purpose of this project. I used a long one to help me hold the fish. This will get a lot of use.

Okay, this is a different kind of pole but it’s still useful. I used it to hold a large white bass to prevent him from leaping out of my hand.

I used the pole because I like the idea of it and am trying to use what I have rather than wasting it. I also like the sound of it, so I’m trying to get as much use out of it as possible.

I wanted to make a strong fishing pole for the purpose of this project. It just came out in a hurry when I started, so I decided to try to make it stronger. I tried to put a more durable material on the upper part of the pole, but it ended up being a pain to work with, so I decided to make the upper part of the pole stronger.

When I was trying to make the upper part stronger, I didn’t realize at the time that the material I had on the lower part of the pole was a carbon fiber. I was working on the entire thing at once, so it ended up being more difficult to work with that material than it should have been.

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