scotty fishing

I love to fish. I’m not just talking about the fancy baited hooks and fishing lines – I mean actually fishing for real. In fact, I’ve been hooked on the sport since I was a kid.

Thats right. I know what you’re thinking. The only thing I can’t get into is actually getting into it. But to be honest with you, Ive been fishing for more than 40 years. I’ve been fishing most of that time on the East Coast. Back then there weren’t so many big fishing boats. When I was in high school I got hooked on the sport because I loved to fish and I didn’t even know it. I just wanted to be able to fish.

Even though I was a kid, I still fish. I fish a lot. I like to fish on the East Coast. It is a beautiful area. There is so much room out there. I have a lot of friends who are into the sport too. I tell them all the time that I have this very bad habit of fishing for a living. Actually I think it is a good habit.

When I was young, I would fish for a long time and I would go fishing on Saturdays. I was always looking for the perfect place to fish. I had a small boat, but I would fish in the boat and then we would go look for fish. I would always find a place that I liked. I was always looking for a place that was similar to the places that I was fishing from. I did this for a long time. I became good at it.

Although you can do this in your backyard, I think you’re missing out on some really good fishing. You can get really good at this at a public fishing pond or something, but it’s a really good way to get your boat in the water. You can walk down the middle of the pond and fish in the water in the middle of the pond. If you can get a really big fish into your boat and into your mouth, that would be really cool.

I can’t stress this enough. I love fishing. I think the best fishing I’ve ever had was fishing for the first time and the best fishing I’ve had since was fishing for the first time in my 20s. I still have some fishing trips that I would love to fish on. I’ve fished in the ocean, I’ve fished on rivers and lakes, and I fished on rivers and lakes in my backyard.

A lot of people think that fishing is just for the lazy guy, I’m not so sure. I think fishing is a lot like hunting. You do it because you love it.

Fishing is one of the great things about life. A lot of people have a passion for it. There are some people who are born with a fishing gene. I am one of these people, I fished for my whole life, I love to fish.

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