fly fishing vest or pack

There’s a lot of confusion about what’s included and what’s excluded when it comes to a flying vest or pack. I’ve compiled a list of what I believe are the minimum requirements. These are the things I would include and would exclude.

First of all, you wont be able to use any of the power-ups, so your only weapon will be your own body.

The vest you wear will be a light weight, low-profile, flight-friendly pack. It should have enough room for your phone, a flashlight, a couple of knives, and a few other assorted junk. Any more stuff and you run the risk of being caught in a crossfire. I suggest you carry a small flashlight, even if it is strapped to your chest.

You will be fighting a wide range of creatures that are either stealthy or otherwise able to take advantage of your weakness. The most common of these are the Flying Fish, the Giant Pigeons, the Swans, the Sea Devils, and the Giganoids. The best time to fish these creatures out of the water is when your character has a fresh pair of fish on his person.

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