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This holster is made of heavy brass with a leather strap that goes around the handle of the rod. It holds the handle of a 12” rod or the handle of a 14” rod with a strap. I love the way it looks on my shoulder.

The strap is a great idea. It adds a little weight to the rod and makes it more comfortable to wear.

The strap is a great idea, but I think you can do it better. For example, a strap on a rod would be great if you want to wear it on your belt. It would also be great on a belt on a belt on your belt. I would be much more comfortable if you just put the strap on the left side of the rod.

The only thing I don’t like about the holster is the fact that it’s too big. The strap is too short and that’s going to look awful when you’re fishing. I can’t really blame the design team for this decision. If you’re going to have a holster, then you must choose a size that makes you feel comfortable, and this holster is not very comfortable.

Yeah, this holster is too big. The strap, however, is very short which makes it perfect for fishing since it gives you enough clearance without looking like youre a rod.

I’m not a big fish person, either, but this holster isn’t my favorite. I mean, I can understand why they chose this size, but it’s clearly not an optimal choice for fishing, which is something I could see.

The holster is built for hunting purposes, a fishing rod holster is meant to be used for anything from a small fishing rod to an assault rifle, so the holster is definitely not the right size for that. It looks nice though, and the strap is short enough to be comfortable with but not too short that you feel like youll need to hold it in the back of your neck.

At least the grip is adjustable. And the strap is nice, but I actually think the holster could be a bit better. It looks as sleek as it feels, but some sort of safety strap would have been nice. However, the holster is worth it just because the back is very comfortable.

This is the third holster I’ve owned, but I like this one a whole lot more than the first two. It’s a bit more expensive, but the quality is very good. And the grip is very good, just a bit too short to be comfortable with.

With the holster, you are able to put it on your belt and just slide it around your neck, or clip it to a holster. However, I think the best way to wear it is with a belt. Although there are a few other options, I think a holster is the way to go.

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