fishing license holder

This guy was actually more of a tourist than a licensed fishing guide. But that’s okay. He’s having a good time anyway.

If you have a fishing license you can legally take your boat out on the lake and fish for trout. You also get to keep your boat, which is nice in some ways but not so great in others. If you catch something you do get to keep it. Because this guy was a licensed fishing guide, he was able to catch a few fish. But the one thing this guy can’t do is get a fishing license that allows fishing in the state of Florida.

He also needs to get a “fishing license” because he can fish out in the water and fish the same day he’s supposed to. But that’s okay too, because he can fish at his home lake which is a great fishing spot. This state of Florida is great for fishing because it has a lot of small lakes that you can fish from your boat without having to drive all the way down to the water.

I would think that the people who have a fishing license would not be interested in going fishing themselves. But the issue isn’t that they actually can’t get a license. It’s that they have to show up at the department of environmental protection.

They are, but they have to show up to a computerized test which takes 20 minutes and costs $7. If the person scores high enough on the computerized test, they will be given the fishing license. The issue is that the department of environmental protection doesn’t actually care what the person’s fishing license is. They just care that the person gets to do what they want.

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