ffxiv birch fishing rod

I recently had to pick up a new fishing rod and I was excited to see what it was like to just sit and look at the thing without having to hold it. I thought I’d take a moment to catch my breath and consider a new fishing rod.

FFXIV’s new fishing rod is called FFXIV birch. It’s an ultra-thin rod designed specifically to look like a birch branch. It’s not just a generic “fishing rod”, it’s actually designed to look like a birch branch, but it has a few interesting modifications. You will need to buy it from the game’s official site to get the exact model number, but the rod looks pretty great once you get used to it.

I’m just the kind of person that hates to give up on a new fishing rod, but I’d like to think that FFXIV birch has a unique look that can make a huge difference to the way I use this new rod for fishing. And it will be fun to see it come to fruition.

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