chad fishing

I have no idea how I ended up with this song in my car. It is one of those songs that came up on a late-night drive through my neighborhood in Ohio. I was about to settle in and try to write something as productive as possible and then it just hit me.

It is a song about fishing and how when you love something, you take it away. I don’t know if your love for your car is what I’m talking about, but it’s something that I’ve wanted for a long time and I’ve been looking for it for a while now. So I was glad to finally get it.

I have to admit, I was initially just going to post it here. Then I remembered I was getting more calls for it than I wanted to admit. But I guess I was just having too much fun with it. It’s my best song in a long time.

I love the fact that Chad, the musician who sings the song, is a complete idiot. I can’t imagine what he looks like and I can’t imagine what his life looks like, so I can’t imagine what he’s like. And when he sings the song, he sounds like a total idiot. And that is what I love about Chad. Chad makes everything sound so much better than it is. So if you like that sort of thing, I highly recommend you check it out.

When I first found Chad, I was a little concerned. I knew he was a musician and a singer/songwriter, but I didn’t know anything about him. So when I saw the trailer, I was like, “Who is he?” And then I saw that he was an amnesiac who’s like a total idiot because he sings the song. And then I looked at the image again and saw that Chad is an idiot.

In the trailer, Chad sings a song called “I am alone in the world and I am afraid” by the band, “The Rude Family.” It’s a great song, and the lyrics are very relevant to many people’s lives, including mine. I’m not sure how it gets into my head, but I feel like I relate to the lyrics. I like to imagine I’m in my own little world.

I have to admit that I was sorta expecting Chad’s lyrics to be about being alone in a world with no one else around. And I was also expecting the band to be totally inauthentic and fake. But I was wrong. Chad sings about how he’s alone in the world. He’s alone because he’s an amnesiac. But he knows that he’s not alone because a friend has just sent his voice message to him.

One of the things I love about Chads lyrics is that they are not about being lonely. I love how he sings about being a guy without any friends. But he is lonely because he has no one around to tell him that he is not alone. And thats not a bad thing. I think its kind of cool that a guy will sing about being alone, since Im not sure there is anyone out there for me. But I think that might be a bit depressing, though.

Chads songs are depressing, but they are also funny, sarcastic, and not very serious. This song definitely falls into the latter.

The song was originally written as a joke, but it was eventually re-written to be a more serious song. I feel sorry for the guy since I think he genuinely loves this song.

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